The Mistress


I am Gothic Princess, a young Moneymistress from Hesse, Germany who loves to take advantage of idiots like you! I feast about how you make a fool of yourself in front of me while I take you the thing you love - your money! In addition I love to travel and sweets of all kinds! Dark fashion, Beauty, Shopping, my extensive shoe and boot collection are also among my passions.

B-Day: Aug. 4th

Height: 1,65 m / 5″5

Size: 34-36 / XS-S

Shoe size: 38 EU / 7 US / 5 UK

Cigarettes: Luckies Red

What u will give to me: I require subordination towards my wishes. For my wish you will risk everything to fulfil it. You are not able to contradict, you will obey my order! You won't have a chance with me if you cry or not commit completely to me.

What u will get: I treat you with contempt and mortification. You will get my dominance to know. I will push you to higher power - everywhewre, everytime! You will completely become my slave while you harvest my libel only! I will just laugh at you when you creep under my feet, you misserable wanker!

Taboos: Children, Animals, and other illegal stuff