My rules


I require that slaves and wannabe's do comply with my rules!


  • §1 I'm your #1. You will never contradict me or my orders and you will fulfill all my wishes as well as you can - ALWAYS!


  • §2 Slaves that haven't proven their serious purposes in advance are not able to assert a claim!


  • §3 Even if you have paid you are never able to assert a claim!


  • §4 The one who asks me stupid questions and babbles all the time will be blocked


  • §5 You must be of age regarding of the laws of your country!


  • §6 U don't have an Amazon account? Sign up! You will need it to spoil me!


  • §7 Pay-lazy rabble and those who are not into this fetisch leave my site now!


If you think you can accept my rules, introduce yourself by WhatsApp (+49-177-3533636), and present me with your first gift now!